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Angle measurement - Wixey

We have a large selection of digital Angle Gauges ,Inclinometers, finders and Protractors for a wide range of uses such as woodworking, machining and engineering. We stock tools for both professionals and hobbyists from brands such as Moore and Wright, Mitutoyo, Wixey and our brand Machine DRO all at great prices.

Angle measurement - Wixey

  1. Part No:WR355
    £31.18 ( £25.98 Ex. VAT)

    Wixey Digital inclinometer/angle gauge with hold and ABS functions. Magnetic base for simple fitment to machine tables, angle plates, saw blades, etc.
  2. Part No:WR-CJ4000
    £148.73 ( £123.94 Ex. VAT)

    Coving, Crown Molding and Trim Protractor - Measures and calculates the compound miter and bevel angles for accurate cutting. Mouldings are cut lying flat.
  3. Part No:WR-CJ410
    £68.52 ( £57.10 Ex. VAT)

    Wixey Protractor with Coving, Crown Molding and Trim Calculator - Calculates the compound mitre and bevel angles for cutting crown molding and accurately sets your saw. Moldings are cut lying flat.
  4. Part No:WR503
    £33.01 ( £27.51 Ex. VAT)

    The Wixey WR503 Drill Press Height Gauge mounts to any drill press with a quill travel up to 6.5".
  5. Part No:WR300BT
    £35.21 ( £29.34 Ex. VAT)

    The new Wixey WR300BT angle gauge is identical to the WR300 Type 2 but with Bluetooth built in, this works in conjunction with the WixeyTalk app, turning your smartphone or tablet into a remote visual display. Once connected the virtual buttons on the app control the gauge remotely, allowing you to switch the gauge on or off, zero the gauge and activate the audio talk mode. The audio mode will announce the current reading displayed on the angle gauge.

  6. Part No:WR-SP-7116
    £4.50 ( £3.75 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare Battery Holder for WR510 Type 2
  7. Part No:WR-SP-7115
    £23.29 ( £19.41 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare WR5002 - WR510 Type 2 Digital Readout
  8. Part No:WR-SP-7114
    £4.50 ( £3.75 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare Battery Holder for WL133 Drill Press Laser
  9. Part No:WR-SP-7113
    £4.50 ( £3.75 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare Battery Holder for WR400/410/412/418 Protractors
  10. Part No:WR-SP-7112
    £4.50 ( £3.75 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare Battery Holder for WR41 Protractor
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