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Angle measurement

We have a large selection of digital Angle Gauges ,Inclinometers, finders and Protractors for a wide range of uses such as woodworking, machining and engineering. We stock tools for both professionals and hobbyists from brands such as Moore and Wright, Mitutoyo, Wixey and our brand Machine DRO all at great prices.

Angle measurement

  1. Part No:WR412
    £41.22 ( £34.35 Ex. VAT)

    12" (304mm) Wixey Digital Protractor with 0.1 degree resolution.
  2. Part No:WR41
    £11.95 ( £9.96 Ex. VAT)

    Wixey 200mm/ 8" Digital Angle Ruler with Clear Plastic Rule WR41 - Ideal for Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Pipeline Builders, Excavators, Concrete Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC, Fencing Specialists, Telecommunications, Cable System Contractors, Pavers or anyone needing fast, accurate takeoffs from plans, drawings and blueprints.
  3. Part No:WR355
    £31.18 ( £25.98 Ex. VAT)

    Wixey Digital inclinometer/angle gauge with hold and ABS functions. Magnetic base for simple fitment to machine tables, angle plates, saw blades, etc.
  4. Part No:WR300-KIT
    £22.50 ( £18.75 Ex. VAT)

    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge with a magnetic base to attach to machine tables etc. Simple to calibrate to any reference surface with the zero button
  5. Part No:ME-AN-PRO-SET
    £166.09 ( £138.41 Ex. VAT)

    Digital Universal Protractor with 150mm (6"), 200mm (8") and 300mm (12"), displays both in decimal degrees and degrees and minutes
  6. Sale
    Part No:MEB-30-820-2450
    Special Price £195.89 ( £163.24 Ex. VAT) Regular Price: £200.40

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Please Contact Us For Stock Details

    Made with Swiss Precision the 500mm Additional Blade for the Sylvac Digital Protractor gives the operator access to a multitude of useful functions within an easy to use format. The instrument’s easy to read display, digital output and range of useful accessories mean that it can undertake most angular measuring tasks with great ease.

  7. Part No:ME-AN-MEAS-750
    £77.41 ( £64.51 Ex. VAT)

    A digital protractor with 750mm arm and body, the extra length makes this angle finder ideal for measuring, marking, and setting angles.
  8. Part No:WR-SP-7110
    £4.50 ( £3.75 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare Battery Holder for WR300 Type 2 Angle Gauge Backlight
  9. Part No:ME-AN-PRO-LEV-120
    £44.95 ( £37.46 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Please Contact Us For Stock Details

    Professional 1200mm Digital Level with large LCD display and audio.
  10. Part No:WR-SP-7115
    £23.29 ( £19.41 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement / Spare WR5002 - WR510 Type 2 Digital Readout
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