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    Part No:MIT-293-130
    Special Price £1,641.60 ( £1,368.00 Ex. VAT) Regular Price: £1,824.00

    With a world leading 0.1µm resolution this micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements. This Series 293 micrometer utilizes Mitutoyo's innovative 0.1µm resolution ABS (absolute) rotary sensor and high accuracy screw machining technology.  The High Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer delivers higher accuracy with out sacrificing operability.

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    Part No:MIT-293-230-30
    Special Price £280.44 ( £233.70 Ex. VAT) Regular Price: £295.20

    The Mitutoyo 293-330-30 Digimatic waterproof digital micrometer for use in the presence of coolant or cutting oil. With a measuring range of 0-25mm (METRIC ONLY). A ratchet thimble guarantees repeatable measurements. SPC Digimatic data output.

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