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  1. 3 Point Standard Micrometer - Bore Gauges 10items
  2. Accessories 1item
  3. Adaptor Cable 1item
  4. Analogue Bore Micrometer 1item
  5. Analogue Bore Micrometers - Bore Gauges 1item
  6. Analogue External Micrometer 31items
  7. Analogue Lever Indicator 2items
  8. Analogue Plunger Indicator 6items
  9. Bluetooth Digital Scale 5items
  10. Caliper 1item
  11. Caliper Kits 1item
  12. Centering Indicator 2items
  13. Construction Calculator 2items
  14. Data Cable Interface with SEND 1item
  15. Data Output Digital Scale 4items
  16. Dial Calipers 3items
  17. Digital Calipers 12items
  18. Digital Depth Gauge 7items
  19. Digital External Micrometer 4items
  20. Digital Horizontal Linear Scale 6items
  21. Digital Plan Measure 1item
  22. Digital Plunger Indicator 11items
  23. Digital Saw Fence Readout 1item
  24. Digital Takeoff Tool 1item
  25. Digital Vertical Linear Scale 6items
  26. Display Console 2items
  27. DRO Kit 1item
  28. Extension Cable 5items
  29. Hardness Testing Machine 2items
  30. Inclinometer/ Angle Gauge 1item
  31. Lathe Digital Readout Kit 20items
  32. Linear Digital Scale 15items
  33. Linear Encoder 196items
  34. Linear Optical Encoder 53items
  35. Linear Tape 1item
  36. Magnetic Encoders Digital Readout Package 6items
  37. Magnetic Encoders Mill Digital Readout Package 2items
  38. Micro Glass Scale 8items
  39. Mill Digital Readout Kit 22items
  40. Optical Encoders Digital Readout Package 2items
  41. PCB module 1item
  42. Plunger 14items
  43. Profile Projector 2items
  44. Protective Cover 50items
  45. Protractor 6items
  46. Remote Display with Cable 1item
  47. Replacement Reading Head 6items
  48. Rules 5items
  49. Scale Master 1item
  50. Scale Master Pro XE PC Interface 1item
  51. Scribing Height Gauge 4items
  52. Slim Glass Scale 1item
  53. Slim Linear Optical Encoder 17items
  54. Spare Parts 1item
  55. Spare Wheel 1item
  56. Standard 4items
  57. Travel Draw Wire Encoder 5items
  58. Tube 1item
  59. V-Anvil - Micrometers 1item
  60. Vernier Calipers 16items

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