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  1. 2 Point Standard Micrometer 9items
  2. Accessories 1item
  3. Analogue Bore Micrometer 1item
  4. Analogue Bore Micrometers - Bore Gauges 1item
  5. Analogue Cylinder Bore Gauge 14items
  6. Analogue Depth Gauge 30items
  7. Analogue Depth Micrometer 21items
  8. Analogue External Micrometer 31items
  9. Analogue Plunger Indicator 8items
  10. Battery Cover 4items
  11. Battery Holder 1item
  12. Bore Gauge Accessories 1item
  13. Caliper Accessories 2items
  14. Centering Indicator 2items
  15. Comparator Stand Cast Base 1item
  16. Data Cable Interface with SEND 1item
  17. Depth 19items
  18. Depth Gauge Attachment 1item
  19. Depth Mirco Checker 3items
  20. Dial Gauge Calibrator 2items
  21. Digital Angle Finder 3items
  22. Digital Angle Gauge 1item
  23. Digital Cylinder Bore Gauge 1item
  24. Digital Depth Gauge 30items
  25. Digital Depth Micrometer 1item
  26. Digital Level 3items
  27. Digital Plunger Indicator 3items
  28. Digital Protractor 1item
  29. Digital Vertical Linear Scale 1item
  30. Extension Bases for Depth Gauge 3items
  31. External 8items
  32. Feeler 16items
  33. Height Gauge Accessories 1item
  34. Horizontal Measuring Bench 1item
  35. Horizontal Projector 4items
  36. Inclinometer/ Angle Gauge 9items
  37. Internal Caliper 6items
  38. Magnetic Base and Indicator Bundle 1item
  39. Magnetic Push Button Base 1item
  40. Measuring Digital Height Gauge 4items
  41. Measuring Stand 1item
  42. Micrometer Stand 1item
  43. Motorised Height Gauge 2items
  44. Mounting Hardware Kit 1item
  45. Optical Encoder 1item
  46. PCB module 2items
  47. Plunger 5items
  48. Protractor 4items
  49. Radius 4items
  50. Remote Display with Cable 1item
  51. Replacement Plunger 1item
  52. Replacement PRO Touch Contact face 1item
  53. Replacement PRO Touch Indicator 1item
  54. Replacement Scriber 1item
  55. Replacement Vial 2items
  56. RPM Hand Held 1item
  57. Scribe 3items
  58. Scribing Height Gauge 25items
  59. Setting Gauge 8items
  60. Spare Clamp 2items
  61. Spare Parts 1item
  62. Spare Scriber 2items
  63. Spirit Level 1item
  64. Standard 1item
  65. Steel Pin Gauge 10items
  66. Surface Plate 5items
  67. Thickness Caliper 4items
  68. Thread 6items
  69. Tool Setting Gauge 5items
  70. Touch Off Gage 2items
  71. Tramming 4items
  72. U-WAVE Cable 1item
  73. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 1item
  74. Vertical Projector 3items

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