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Construction Master Plus EZ Calculator

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Construction Master Plus EZ Calculator

  • The Construction Master Plus EZ (CMP EZ) is the newest in Calculated Industries' line of award-winning Construction Master Pro construction-math calculators
  • The big difference between the CMP EZ and the other models is that, in addition to many more built-in calculations, the CMP EZ is a Prompting Calculator
  • Powerful built-in solutions guide you on the quickest path to solve virtually any construction-math problem in seconds
  • If a measurement changes, you can just scroll back to it, change it and then re-solve the problem
  • The Construction Master Plus EZ has Basic and Advanced solutions for Rafters (Common, Hip/Valley and Jack) and Stairs
  • Plus, the built-in materials key gives you instant quantities for everything from drywall and roofing to tiles and pavers
  • Size: 5.7" x 3.5" x 0.9" (160 x 90 x 25 mm) with Armadillo Gear Case
  • Product Weight: 6.4 oz. (180 gm) Includes Armadillo Gear Case and Pocket Reference Guide
  • Power: One 3-volt (CR2025) Long-life Battery
  • Display Type: 12 Digits (8 normal, 4 Fractions) with Full Annunciators

Built-in Functions and Calculations:

Common Rafters
Basic Solutions:
Common Rafter Length,Plumb Angle,Level Angle,Pitch,Run,Rise
Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
Common Rafter Length,Common Tail Length,Seat Cut,Standard 2/3 HAP (Height Above Plate),Full Bearing HAP

Hip/Valley Rafters
Basic Solutions:
Hip/Valley Length,Plumb Angle,Level Angle,Common Cheek Angle,Irregular Cheek Angle
Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
Total Hip/Valley Length,Hip/Valley Tail Length,Common and Irregular - Backing, Sheathing and Plan Angles

Jack Rafters
Basic Solutions:
Common and Irregular
Jack On-Center Spacing,Offset Length,Rafter Length,Jack Rafter Lengths,Plumb Angle,Level Angle,Cheek Angle
Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
Common and Irregular Tail Lengths

Basic Solutions:
Number of Risers,Actual Riser Height,Resulting Riser Offset,Number of Treads,Actual Tread Width,Resulting Tread Offset,
Minimum Stairwell Opening,Stringer Length,Inclination Angle,Stair Run,Stair Rise
Advanced Solutions — all of the above plus:
Net Floor-to-Floor Height,Rough Stair Run,Finished Stair Run,Toe Positions 

Other built-in solutions include:
Square-Ups, Areas and Volumes
Circular,Arcs,Rake Walls,Arch Studs,Balusters -- Cap Wall and Open Wall
Elliptical Arches,Crown Molding,Compound Angles,Polygons,Spacing
Material Calculations for Blocks, Drywall, Fencing, Footings, Pavers, Roofing, Studs, Tile and Grout


Key Specifications

Display Dimensions: 0.813" x 2.5" (21 x 65 mm)

Accuracy: 12 Digit Internal Accuracy

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