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Edge Technology

Machine-DRO now stock the full range of Edge Technology Products

Edge Technology

  1. Part No:ME-ED-45-000
    £31.97 ( £26.64 Ex. VAT)
    Edge Technology 5C Collet Stop fits standard 5C collets with internal threads and is a must for multiple piece runs of small lathe parts.
  2. Part No:ME-ED-01-000
    £90.18 ( £75.15 Ex. VAT)
    Edge Technology Pro Tramming Gauge for accurately setting milling head square
  3. Part No:ME-ED-52-000
    £90.43 ( £75.36 Ex. VAT)
    The Pro Touch Off Gauge allows you to standardise the way tool height offsets are measured in your shop, ensuring every job is set-up the same way and runs without issue. To use this gauge just lower the tool down onto the contact face until the indicator reads zero. At that point you can be confident that the tool tip is exactly 4 inches from the surface the Pro Touch Off Gauge is sitting on.
  4. Part No:ME-ED-40-000
    £118.51 ( £98.76 Ex. VAT)
    Edge Technology Vice Square is a reliable tool to align the vice to the mill table.
  5. Part No:ME-ED-30-000
    £145.37 ( £121.14 Ex. VAT)
    Accurately locate parts beyond the chuck jaws to provide clearance for facing operations.
  6. Part No:ME-ED-RE-VIAL-T2
    £4.20 ( £3.50 Ex. VAT)
    Replacement vial for ME-ED-13-000
  7. Part No:ME-ED-RE-VIAL-T1
    £4.20 ( £3.50 Ex. VAT)
    Replacement vial for ME-ED-02-001 and ME-ED-08-001
  8. Part No:ME-ED-50-000
    £22.73 ( £18.94 Ex. VAT)
    Edge Technology 2 Position Vice Handle does not need to be removed from vice, the thumb knob ensures it will stay in place during CNC machining cycles
  9. Part No:ME-ED-49-000
    £46.82 ( £39.02 Ex. VAT)
    The Parallel Separator by Edge Technology is designed to firmly hold the parallel bars against the vice jaws during machining operations.
  10. Part No:ME-ED-48-000
    £64.42 ( £53.68 Ex. VAT)
    The Multi Axis Stop is designed so that it stays completely below the top surface of the vice which means it will not interfere with cutting tool paths. It can be mounted on any available T-slot anywhere along the milling machine table allowing it to accurately locate a workpiece for any type of setup.
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