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Gift Ideas - Wixey

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Gift Ideas - Wixey

  1. Part No:WR-WL133
    £32.54 ( £27.12 Ex. VAT)

    The Wixey WL133 Drill Press laser projects a thin set of cross-hairs onto your drill press table precisely where the drill bit will contact the work piece.
  2. Part No:WR300BT
    £35.21 ( £29.34 Ex. VAT)

    The new Wixey WR300BT angle gauge is identical to the WR300 Type 2 but with Bluetooth built in, this works in conjunction with the WixeyTalk app, turning your smartphone or tablet into a remote visual display. Once connected the virtual buttons on the app control the gauge remotely, allowing you to switch the gauge on or off, zero the gauge and activate the audio talk mode. The audio mode will announce the current reading displayed on the angle gauge.

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