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Indicators and Bases

We stock a range of indicators and dial test indicators including digital and dial types to suit a wide range of applications. Along with this range we supply indicator/gauge clamps and magnetic bases.

Indicators and Bases

  1. Part No:MEB-MW405-06DB
    Ex VAT £64.50 Inc VAT £77.40
    Moore and Wright Digitronic Indicator 0-25mm/0-1 inch.
  2. Part No:ME-DIAL-GAU-10
    Ex VAT £10.18 Inc VAT £12.22
    0-10mm Range Metric Dial Indicator with 52mm diameter dial.
  3. Part No:MEB-DIP232E
    Ex VAT £35.50 Inc VAT £42.60
    Imperial Moore and Wright Plunger Indicator DIP232E
  4. Part No:MEB-MW400-08
    Ex VAT £35.50 Inc VAT £42.60
    0-30mm Moore and Wright Indicator - MW400-08
  5. Part No:MEB-MW400-06B
    Ex VAT £30.50 Inc VAT £36.60
    0-10mm Water Proof Moore and Wright Indicator - MW400-06B...
  6. Part No:MEB-MW400-04
    Ex VAT £22.50 Inc VAT £27.00
    0-5mm Moore and Wright Indicator - MW400-04...
  7. Part No:MEB-MW400-02
    Ex VAT £35.50 Inc VAT £42.60
    0-1mm High Resolution Moore and Wright Indicator - MW400-02
  8. Part No:ME-DIAL-GAU-25
    Ex VAT £19.97 Inc VAT £23.96
    Metric dial gauge with 25mm travel and 60mm diameter dial
  9. Part No:ME-DIAL-GAU-50
    Ex VAT £37.88 Inc VAT £45.46
    Metric dial gauge with 50mm travel and 76mm diameter dial
  10. Part No:ME-IM-GAU-1-4
    Ex VAT £9.26 Inc VAT £11.11
    0-1/4 inch Range Imperial Dial Indicator Gauge with 1 1/2 inch diameter dial.
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