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As of January 1st 2020, our authorised distributor agreement with Mitutoyo UK has been renewed, which means we are still officially the go-to company for all your Mitutoyo Precision Measuring Instrument needs and requirements.

We have been given this certificate by Ray Penny (Managing Director at Mitutoyo UK) which will be displayed in our Hertfordshire showroom, outlining the agreement. You can find our full range of Mitutoyo products here.

About Mitutoyo
Celebrating over 80 years in the Metrology industry! Mitutoyo started from humble beginnings in 1934 in Japan and are now recognised as a world leading manufacturer of measuring tools such as Micrometers, Calipers, and system instrument products such as co-ordinate measuring instruments, form measurement instruments and optical measuring instruments.

Machining: What is Swarf?

13/02/2020 09:20

If you’re working in a workshop environment for machinists, you would be very familiar with swarf (also known as turnings, filing or shavings). Swarf refers to the turning chips of metal that have been through a metalworking process such as grinding, drilling, turning, or milling. Wood swarf is known as sawdust.

These metal chips can be extremely sharp and can cause serious injuries if not handled correctly, so it’s important to take care when they appear around the machine. It is also not uncommon for the metal shavings to fly off the machine by ejecting with great force and to travel several metres. Safety glasses should always be worn when working on this kind of machinery, safety gloves is also recommended to avoid creating cuts and splinters when not handled properly. When it comes to disposing and handling metal swarf, it may be compressed into bricks and can usually be recycled.

So much precision in one picture – Cases and Enclosures have completed a Custom CNC Foam run for the C402 ROC Flight Case to store two of our M-DRO Digital Readout Kits from Machine DRO.

The wide C402 Flight Case is the perfect width to store 2 DRO consoles and with the added Custom Foam, we were able to make precise cut-outs for the brackets and cables to slot in as well. To add to the practicality of the C402 Flight Case and custom foam, we have added 2 deeper slots where the consoles are placed where the encoders have been stored.

For more information about our DRO Kits, please click here. If you would like more information on the C402 Flight Case or Custom Foam Service, please visit the Cases and Enclosures website or contact a Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455926.
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