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Application News

  1. January 04, 2021

    WR300 Angle Gauge used to set and calibrate RC Helicopter

    Just when you thought the WR300 angle gauges couldn’t be any better…

    This versatile tool has been used for many applications but this customer’s use of the Wixey angle gauge was to set and calibrate his rota blades of his RC helicopter. The brilliant images show the tool simplifying the measurement and adjustment of pitch angles, critical to stable flight and control of the Helicopter.

    Wixey Digital Angle Gauges are simple to calibrate to any reference surface with the zero button. The strong magnetic base allows the gauge to be easily attached to surfaces and the LCD display offers clear reading of measurements.

    Part no. WR300-KIT

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  2. October 26, 2020

    Measure brake disc run out using our Moore and Wright indicator and magnetic base set

    Our customer has been using our 0-10mm Moore and Wright Indicator and Magnetic base set to measure brake disc run out.

    Accurately and simply diagnose a warped disc/rotor using our Indicator. The powerful magnetic base, adjustable arm and indicator supplied in the boxed set make this an excellent choice for this application.


    Part no.



    For more information please see our website listing or contact one of our product specialists.

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  3. October 05, 2020

    Test rotary measurements using Magnetic Encoders

    Did you know our magnetic encoders can be used for rotary measurements?

    Image from our engineering area testing out the system on a rotary table. The non-contact magnetic technology is used to detect the changes in field as the tape passes the sensor. The display will indicate an angle of rotation.

    Contact our product specialists for more information.

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  4. September 30, 2020

    Longbow Multi Tool attachment cutting a light switch back box into dry line/ stud wall

    Cutting edge performance from our Stainless Steel 30mm Standard saw blade attachment.

    This Multi-tool power tool attachment has a coated finish for reduced friction, fit for a range of applications as shown here cutting a light switch back box into dry line/stud wall.

    These attachments are compatible with our Longbow Multi-tool as well as most multi-functional tools, and are ideal for hobbyists and a variety of trades.

    Part no. HT-MF-D1003S



    For more information visit our website listing or contact our product specialists.

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  5. September 28, 2020

    Using Vernier Brake Disc Calipers to measure Brake Disc thickness

    Measuring brake disc thickness doesn’t have to be complicated, our Vernier Brake Disc Caliper will give you great results.

    The hardened and raised contact points step over the wear ridge and the measurement can be locked in place to read value away from the disc.

    Enables you to retain your measurements when opening the 80mm long jaws by locking the Vernier scale.

    Part no. ME-VER-DISC-50

    Please see our product listing or contact our product specialists for more information.

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  6. September 25, 2020

    Custom CNC foam for samples of Resin-bound paving

    Our customer opted for our CNC custom foam for a professional display of sample items.

    The cut outs make for a neat and secure arrangement fit for presenting to potential customers. This customer chose our EN-KIT-04 with custom foam to display samples of different colours and types of resin-bound paving.

    The addition of the egg foam lid included in the kit provides extra support to prevent any movement of contents within the case.

    For more information on our CNC custom foam cutting service, please contact our product specialists.

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  7. August 25, 2020

    Longbow Multi Tool making light work of floorboards

    Our customer has sent us some excellent pictures demonstrating the universality of our Longbow Multitool. The images show the tool in action making light work of floorboards. Sold with a range of attachments to sand, saw, scrape, cut, file and polish, it is suitable for a diverse range of materials and is ideal for hobbyists as well as for a variety of trades. The variable speed function and ‘Lock on’ switch allows for controlled oscillation. With a light weight body and durable rubber finish the tool offers comfortable grip and easy use out in the field. The unit is available with a UK or EU mains lead. Part no. HT-MF-VAR For more information see our website listing or contact one of our product specialists

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  8. August 25, 2020

    CNC Foam for USB Memory Cards

    Protection from scratches and damage for USB memory cards with this organised presentation. This custom foam with precise cut-outs has provided our customer with safe and practical storage. Our A036 is the perfect size for storing and show casing small objects. The carry handle, reinforced metal corners and quick catch lock make for easy and secure transportation. Part no. EN-AC-FG-A036 Contact our product specialists for more information on our Custom Foam Service.

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  9. November 25, 2019

    Ultrasonic Cleaners Used to Clean Military Weapons

    Making sure soldiers’ guns are thoroughly cleaned is important to avoid any rust or a reduction in the gun's performance. Scrubbing their guns with equipment such as oil and brushes are now a thing of the past, and now set to be replaced by ‘deep cleaning’ machines such as Ultrasonic Cleaners.

    Soon, Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks may be kept on patrol bases so that soldiers won't have to rely on good old fashioned elbow grease when cleaning the dirt off their artillery. Trials are taking place on selected rifles and machine guns, with the Ultrasonic Cleaners possibly being rolled out to 5 regiments if they prove to be a success.

    Sgt Daniel Birks, who will be overseeing the trial, mentioned that this system would give the soldiers more time to focus on the more important aspects of their job and will help them focus more on training, as well as carrying less kit from place to place. “The Armed Forces still clean with oil and
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  10. November 21, 2019

    Guided Rail Fitted to British Made Shutters Workshop

    Using the highest quality methods and premium quality materials, BMS are specialists when it comes to creating made-to-measure shutters at their Evesham workshop with over 20 years of joinery experience. Accuracy and precision are a vital area of crafting these shutters which is why BSM have approached us to fit a digital readout to their saw, making sure every cut is exactly the length needed to the nearest 5 micron.

    Our Guided Carriage was selected as this offered a simple fitting, with its own linear guide to maintaining the required gap between the reading head and magnetic tape. A rod end linkage is then connected to the carriage which allows for a high level of miss-alignment to the existing saw flip stop. The encoders work on a non-contact magnetic tape system with a full IP67 sealed encapsulated reading head. Click here to see how it works.

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