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Product News

  1. January 11, 2021

    Clean Off Your Desk with Machine DRO

    Start the year off right with #CleanOffyourDeskDay by keeping your workspace neat and tidy with our Multi-purpose tool storage trays!

    The 21 curved recesses are impact resistant plastic and perfect for organising and preventing damage from your small items on workbenches or in draws. Ideal for smalls tools and office supplies including milling cutters, drill bits, pens, pencils.

    Is your workspace organised or are you in need a clean-up?

    Scroll down to see the before image 

    Part no. AE-TT-BK-PK12


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  2. December 14, 2020

    Reach new heights with your Christmas gifts this year!

    Reach new heights with your Christmas gifts this year!

    Our M-SURE MS-510 Series Digital Scribing Height Gauge 300mm (12 inch) is a cost effective, sleek and high quality option.

    The precision tool has a hardened stainless steel column and ergonomic cast Iron base. With a fine adjust thumb wheel controlling slider movement, thumb screw carbide scriber tip and cabled data output.

    For more information please visit our website listing or contact one of our product specialists.

    Part no. MS-510-300



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  3. November 12, 2020

    M-SURE 600mm Digital Caliper

    Our M-SURE 600mm (24”) Digital caliper has a large and easy to read LCD display, allowing for easy measurements of the length of an aluminium extrusion after machining.

    The inch to metric conversion, heavy duty beam and long jaws allow the caliper to be used for a variety of inspections jobs.

    With the addition of data output, you can log the measurement results or display on a remote screen for even more efficient use.

    Part no. MS-222-600

    For more information please contact our product specialist or see our website listing.

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  4. October 23, 2020

    Pallet deliveries for large ROC Case order

    A pallet load of our ROC cases being sent out to a very happy business.

    Our range of cases are designed for all industries, from Engineers to Beauticians to Salespersons. Whether you’re sourcing cases for your company or as a reseller, we supply cases for all kinds of demands.

    For more information on pallet deliveries please contact our sales team.

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  5. October 14, 2020

    Digital readout systems at Machine DRO

    At The Allendale Group we know that accurate and reliable DRO kits are key to precision projects.

    Our UK company, Machine DRO, has been supplying digital readout systems since 2003. We take pride in both our M-DRO universal and dedicated kits as well as supplying popular branded kits from Easson and Newall; all offering excellence and durability to our customers.

    Our dedicated systems include Milling and Lathe kits for a number of machines including Myford, Bridgeport, Colchester and Boxford.

    View our full range of DRO systems on our website or contact our product specialists for more information.

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  6. October 05, 2020

    Test rotary measurements using Magnetic Encoders

    Did you know our magnetic encoders can be used for rotary measurements?

    Image from our engineering area testing out the system on a rotary table. The non-contact magnetic technology is used to detect the changes in field as the tape passes the sensor. The display will indicate an angle of rotation.

    Contact our product specialists for more information.

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  7. September 30, 2020

    Longbow Multi Tool attachment cutting a light switch back box into dry line/ stud wall

    Cutting edge performance from our Stainless Steel 30mm Standard saw blade attachment.

    This Multi-tool power tool attachment has a coated finish for reduced friction, fit for a range of applications as shown here cutting a light switch back box into dry line/stud wall.

    These attachments are compatible with our Longbow Multi-tool as well as most multi-functional tools, and are ideal for hobbyists and a variety of trades.

    Part no. HT-MF-D1003S



    For more information visit our website listing or contact our product specialists.

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  8. September 28, 2020

    Using Vernier Brake Disc Calipers to measure Brake Disc thickness

    Measuring brake disc thickness doesn’t have to be complicated, our Vernier Brake Disc Caliper will give you great results.

    The hardened and raised contact points step over the wear ridge and the measurement can be locked in place to read value away from the disc.

    Enables you to retain your measurements when opening the 80mm long jaws by locking the Vernier scale.

    Part no. ME-VER-DISC-50

    Please see our product listing or contact our product specialists for more information.

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  9. September 15, 2020

    Moore and Wright Dial Caliper Review

    Hackspace Magazine praises our Moore and Wright Dial Caliper for its "high precision finish" and "straightforward", "accurate" measuring.

    They complimented the "good quality steel" and "prominent markings", as well as crediting the additional screw mechanism simplifying the zeroing procedure.

    The article also noted their appreciation of our "great customer service and prompt delivery" when purchasing the iconic Moore and Wright branded tool.

    Putting other calipers "to shame", our Dial Indicator was scored a 10/10 for its impressive qualities. Part no. - MEB-MW142-15

    Please see our website listing or contact our products specialists for more information

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  10. August 25, 2020

    Servicing and Repair Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

    Did you know? We repair and service ultrasonic cleaning systems with our in house team of engineers. If you have bought one of our Ultrasonic Tanks and need a problem fixed or just need your tank serviced, you can contact us to arrange returning the unit and we’ll get it back out to you in no time. We also supply a wide range of spare parts for our Ultrasonic Cleaners to aid repairs. For more information please contact one of our product specialists.

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