The experience of using our Digital Angle Gauge (Part No: ME-AN-REM-ROT) and Easson DRO Console (Part No: DRO-ES-12B-3LCD) for cutting gears has been very beneficial for our customer and he has kindly sent us pictures of his setup, as well as his experience when putting our Rotary Angle Encoder and Remote Display, with a 6mm diameter shaft into practice.

This is how our customer started the cutting process for creating his gears:

‘1 gear was cut directly using the 27 hole dividing plate, 3 full turns, 9 holes of the dividing handle, 90-degree worm and gear rotary table and 1 full turn equalling 4-degrees. Whilst cutting the teeth/spaces for the first gear, he noted the readout on the Digital Angle Gauge of each cut made. The second complete gear was cut using the digital angle gauge. The previous gear cut using the digital angle gauge was scrap on the first cut because the dividing head backlash was not eliminated first. The gear cutting was continued to demonstrate the unsuccessful gear cutting and prove the error in practice.

There is a certain simplicity with using a digital angle gauge to cut gears in using a readout to divide the rotary table for each tooth. 

Using the digital angle gauge has given a practical lesson of this interesting and useful tool. Limitations are not negative, they serve to increase the challenge for alternative thinking.’

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