When it comes to creating big innovative projects that require the best and most precise measuring tools available, we were extremely excited to see Mike’s finished project was going to look like when he mentioned he was going to create a 3-Wheeled Tilting Vehicle. Accurate measurements were key to building and completing the project on-hand, which is why Mike turned to Machine-DRO for his reliable purchases of an Encoder and a Left Handed Caliper.

Thankfully, the 3-Wheeled Tilting Vehicle was a great success and is fully functioning, demonstrating clean cornering and manoeuvrability. It has become such a great success that it has created quite a lot of attention amongst petrol heads & engineers, so much so that it has even appeared on MCN and the hit TV program, The Gadget Show!

To see the 3-Wheeled Tilting Vehicle in action, please click here and enjoy some amazing engineering work.