Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Profile Projector

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Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Profile Projector with 100mm x 100mm XY table.

This model has been superseded by MIT-302-703-1D.

  • Benchtop instrument for testing small and medium sized workpieces. Also known as Profile Projectors, Shadowgraphs or Optical Comparators
  • Vertical, rotatable crosshair lines screen.
  • Easy-to-operate coordinate measuring stage with coarse and fine adjustment.
  • Direct and clear, easy-to-read XY digital display at eye level ensures safe and error-free measurement.
  • Halogen transmitted and incident illumination are integrated into the housing.
  • Provided with a protractor as a standard, switchable for sexagesimal degree or decimal degree reading. Resolution: 1' or 0.01'.
  • XY position and cursor angle display provided.
  • XY Travel range 100 x 100mm
  • Resolution 0.001mm / .0001"
  • Function ZERO setting +/- direction, RS-232C interface

A benchtop profile projector based on a vertical beam, telecentric optical system for distortion-free viewing on a 315mm diameter protractor screen. The measuring stage incorporates linear scales for fast and accurate linear measurement to 1µm/.0001”, with angle measurements on screen to a resolution of 1’/0.01° of arc. Built-in digital readout of XY position and angle (including zero-setting, ABS/INC mode measurement) is located near the projection screen to minimize eye movement. Also known as Profile Projectors, Shadowgraphs or Optical Comparators.

This model has been superseded by MIT-302-703-1D.


Key Specifications

Accessories Include: 10X projection lens, Measuring stage for PJ010F-200, 3 x halogen lamp (24 V / 150 W), Protective hood, Light shield, Half-silvered mirror for 10 X projective lens, Half silvered mirror for 20X projective lens

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