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  1. Part No:ME-CALC-4089
    £53.93 ( £44.94 Ex. VAT)

    Engineers Calculator - Advanced Machining Math and Reference Tool

  2. Part No:ME-CALC-8025
    £34.99 ( £29.16 Ex. VAT)

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    Professional grade U. S. Standard to Metric conversion calculator. Convert 60 U.S and Metric (si) units.

  3. Part No:ME-CALC-4225
    £56.18 ( £46.82 Ex. VAT)

    Concrete construction maths calculator. Calculate area, volume, weight per volume, rebar solutions and more.

  4. Part No:ME-CALC-4095
    £62.56 ( £52.13 Ex. VAT)

    Advanced Pipe Trades Math Calculator answers pipe layout and design problems and more.

  5. Part No:ME-CALC-9130
    £33.85 ( £28.21 Ex. VAT)

    Time-math calculator for conversions, schedules, rate-based estimates and solving elapsed time calculations.

  6. Part No:ME-CALC-4325
    £56.18 ( £46.82 Ex. VAT)

    The only construction-math calculator designed for excavators and heavy construction professionals.

  7. Part No:ME-CALC-4080
    £63.72 ( £53.10 Ex. VAT)

    Provides trig functions to quickly and easily solve complex construction math problems.

  8. Part No:ME-CALC-4020
    £37.57 ( £31.31 Ex. VAT)

    Calculates board feet and converts in a variety of dimensions.

  9. Part No:ME-CALC-4065
    £56.94 ( £47.45 Ex. VAT)

    Calculated Industries advanced Construction Master Pro. Advanced feet-inch-fraction construction math calculator.
  10. Part No:ME-CALC-5070
    £64.91 ( £54.09 Ex. VAT)

    PLEASE NOTE: The ElectriCalc Pro model #5070 is designed for U.S. standards only. Fully updateable electrical code calculator.
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